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Promo materials: Collateral damage or collateral advantage?

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High-quality printed materials and thoughtful, interesting designs are the optimum way to stand above the competition and make a meaningful first impression on customers.

People subconsciously form their purchasing decisions based on aesthetics, first and foremost. Therefore, design and packaging are invaluable marketing tools that require the utmost considerations.

High-quality printed materials allow for a sharper, more focused image that exudes the quality companies wish to convey. Allow for the image you’re placing on products to be one that accurately reflects your brand.

Businesses need an array of materials printed regularly, including brochures, business cards, product sheets and product packaging. These items represent you and your business; cheap and low rate represent the opposite of what you want customers to associate with your brand.

While tempting, taking the cheap route when it comes to printed marketing materials, signage, etc., only serves to damage a business in the long run.


Regardless of how low the cost, creating an impression remains key. Any matter short of that becomes an ultimately fruitless endeavor.

No matter the cost saved using cheaper materials, the result will, undoubtedly, be a significantly lower return on investment.

Further than that, such examples become a poor representation of your business. For example, if a mailer looks flimsy and boring, likely it will be tossed away without the potential customer taking a second look.

No matter how inexpensive cheaper materials may be, a poor reflection of your company becomes a waste.


Your choice of paper, color and design are the first step toward making an impression on the market. Dense, high-quality gloss or matte paper can make a world of difference.

Printers are able to add intriguing special effects through die cutting, embossing, foil and spot varnish. Die cutting adds a very modern element to printed materials and enables creativity to properly be expressed.

Embossing is another great technique for adding three-dimensional effects to a design. Foil and spot varnishing are sleek, professional, understated ways to make a larger impact through printed materials. Such techniques have proven a positive reception from direct mail campaigns, specifically.

Finishing techniques such as binding and coatings also can make a vast difference in the quality of printed materials and how your brand is perceived.


Remember to keep colors and styles consistent throughout your marketing collateral. The more successful you are with keeping a cohesive image, the more memorable your brand becomes to consumers.

Marketing materials and mailers should not be an afterthought; they possess the power to greatly influence consumers.

Give all of your products the careful consideration, time, effort and creativity they deserve. After all, your brand deserves that.

Murtaza Jaffer is the co-owner of EBC Printing in Trexlertown. He is a print/marketing materials solutions provider and can be reached at murtaza@ebclv.com.

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