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Inspiring family, friends and co-workers to live healthy

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The Good Life Companies, where I work, are about leading and living a good, healthy life in business and beyond.

I was healthy before running in April’s Boston Marathon, but since I began training for it, I’ve lost 50 pounds, and I am healthier than ever, physically and professionally.

My parents are the force that led me to train for the Boston Marathon.

My dad was the best person I knew and gave his heart to everyone he met. He was a teacher and community servant for 30 years, but he simply never took care of himself.

When I was 17, he died because of bad health, lack of exercise and poor eating decisions.

When I turned 20, my mom’s health went downhill for the same reasons.

That’s when I vowed that if I ever were blessed to be a parent, I would make better health decisions than my parents made.


I have the vantage point of being the least healthy person I knew while growing up.

At 5-9, 260 pounds, it was a struggle to stay awake for an entire day at school, let alone to think clearly, compete athletically or stay passionately focused on a task.

Now, more than 100 pounds lighter and 18 years older, I have more energy, sharper focus and can compete athletically or in an intense business setting, among many others.

The only way to demand excellence of myself every day is to know that I am physically strong enough to do so.


My personal mission is to inspire and empower my children, clients and co-workers.

It’s important for everyone to want to lead a healthy lifestyle. My days are far more productive when in good health and particularly after I start the day at the gym.

By getting the blood to circulate faster, you can function at a higher level, think quicker and perform better.


From a business standpoint, two things drive me to stay at the top of my physical “game.”

First, the day-to-day tasks of running three companies, consulting for several others and being involved in numerous nonprofits can wear on the weak or unhealthy. Couple that with my responsibilities as a father, which, again, take stamina, energy and mental focus.

Second, in any leadership role, people look up to you.

In my life, that includes three sets of children’s eyes and more than 200 employees and affiliates.


I did not have the good fortune to be the young eyes that followed a parental example of how to be healthy.

Now, I want the responsibility as a dad and CEO to be a healthy role model. It is one thing to say that life is good and we will work hard to be the best; it’s another thing to do what you say.

Actions speak louder than words, and if co-workers, friends or family lose their way or focus, I hope they can look to me to help them get back on track.


Conor Delaney is co-founder and CEO of The Good Life Companies of Wyomissing, which include Good Life Financial Advisors, the umbrella company for independent advisers throughout the nation; Good Life Advisors, the adviser-owned RIA; Good Life Advisor Systems, a turnkey solution to support individual adviser’s practices; and Good Life Insurance Associates. He can be reached at 610-898-6927 or conor.delaney@goodlifefa.com.

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