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Lehigh Valley Business Women of Influence 2017

Woman to Watch Award
Woman to Watch Award
Julie M. Macomb, Norris McLaughlin & Marcus
‘My advice to others just starting out is to have a sense of identity and to know what matters to you in life.’
Julie M. Macomb, Norris McLaughlin & Marcus
‘My advice to others just starting out is to have a sense of identity and to know what matters to you in life.’
Rosalin Petrucci, J.G. Petrucci Co. Inc.
'Effective leaders keep an open mind, remain passionate about what they do, and have strong morals and a solid ethical foundation.'
Olga Negron, Haggerty, Goldberg, Schleifer & Kupersmith PC
'Believe in yourself, find a role model, volunteer for a cause you care about, always give back and never give up.'
Anne Alexander, Brand Strategies Inc. and Soul Can
'Pick a great boss; someone you can watch, admire and learn from. Watch everything they do, how they treat people, how they run a meeting, how they deal with problems.'
JoAnn Bergeron-Nenow, Meals on Wheels of Northampton County Inc.
‘My six siblings and I were raised by two loving parents who taught us the value of working hard to get what you want. Being raised in such a large family taught us how to share, be empathetic and be competitive.’
Becky A. Bradley, Lehigh Valley Planning Commission
‘Work really, really hard. Take on the toughest projects as a personal challenge and skill-building exercise. When you conquer one tough project, immediately start on the next.’
Dawn Davis, Servpro of Easton, Bethlehem & Whitehall
‘I wish that my dad was still here today to help me celebrate this amazing award. He was the believer and encourager in me, that I could accomplish anything.’
Karen Cooney Duerholz, Boyle Construction and CodeMaster Inspection Services
‘From a very early age, I was participating in volunteerism all over the Lehigh Valley. Giving back was just a part of our family fabric and something I hope to pass along to the next generation.’
Saskia Foley, Radius Corp.
‘It’s really important to be self aware and to constantly strive to be better and to learn as much as possible. Know what questions to ask to learn more and never say no to a new project or experience.’
Sandra Garby, Vizinex RFID
‘I am most proud of my success in building Vizinex because of the journey I took to get here. Prior to Vizinex, I was laid off from one company and had to close the doors on another. It made my success at Vizinex even more rewarding.’
Judianne Harris, Valley National Financial Advisors
‘Do not be afraid to make mistakes and take risks. Every choice you make is a good one because you made it – as long as you learn from the outcomes.’
Tina Hasselbusch, ASR Media Productions
‘My high school English teacher, Ms. McBrinn, instilled within me not only the requisite skills but also a true love of writing.’
Carla C. Hickey, Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania
‘Say ‘yes.’ What I mean by that is to volunteer at your job as well as in the community. When your boss asks for someone to take on a special project, say yes. When a nonprofit organization is looking for someone to do something for them, say yes.’
Lisa A. Hutchins, ESSA Bank & Trust
‘Though she has no idea, my eighth grade basketball coach was instrumental in laying the foundation for my growth athletically, emotionally and socially.’
Stephanie A. Koenig, Zator Law
‘Do not be afraid to ask questions. If you do not understand how something works or why you are doing something, ask. In asking the question, you might become the catalyst to creating a better solution or outcome for a client.’
Jill Lipovsky Smith, Hanover Engineering Associates Inc.
‘Make sure you are in a career you enjoy and that you are working for a company that provides opportunities for you to continue learning and advance professionally.’
Susan Mauser, Lehigh Valley Academy Regional Charter School
‘I am a strong believer in lifelong learning. I encourage young women to take advantage of every opportunity they are given, to put in the hard work necessary and to learn as much as possible along the way.’
Nancy J. McLane, OraSure Technologies Inc.
‘My math and science teachers … taught with passion and showed me the opportunities for learning and contribution in engineering and the sciences.’
Deborah Moser, Luxury Divas Corp.
‘My top stress reliever is curling up in bed and binge watching Netflix. It’s very rare to have the time to do that, but when my candle has been burnt at both ends and I am looking for relief, this turns off my switch.’
Jessica Moyer, King, Spry, Herman, Freund & Faul LLC
‘Young women starting their careers must have a work/life balance. While it is important to establish yourself professionally, you need to put everything into perspective and understand that if you cannot take time for yourself, and take time for your family, you will not be a successful female professional.’
Melony Nicole Oestreich, MassMutual Eastern Pennsylvania
‘I read a book written by Rory Vaden called ‘Take the Stairs.’ In this book, Rory talks about our short-cut society and how successful people simply do the ‘things’ that others do not do. … I switched from a ‘should I do this’ to a ‘how can I do this’ attitude.’
Jessica Parnell, Bridgeway Academy
‘My parents were a huge influence. My dad was an incredible visionary who saw opportunity everywhere. My mom was an amazing executor who was willing to try anything. Combine that example with their constant encouragement, conviction and unquenchable faith, and you have inspiration that lives on.’
Laurie M. Peer, RKL LLP and RKL Wealth Management LLC
‘My close family and our family business [are] where I learned honesty, integrity and hard work from my parents and older sisters.’
Stephanie Raymond, PPL Electric Utilities
‘At a young age, I was given a lot of responsibility, which made me very independent. I believe this gave me the decision-making skills and courage to chart my own path.’
Dr. Vasu Singh, Greater Lehigh Family Medicine
‘My parents had a major influence in shaping my ideas. My father, along with my mother, selflessly brought up a large family, which included all his younger siblings. Witnessing this taught me the value of hard work, honesty, kindness, compassion and caring for others.’
Betsy Storey-Bono, Concannon Miller & Co.
‘I was a voracious reader early, which revealed paths and helped develop a creative imagination. This has served me well in my role as a professional, as a parent, a spouse and in keeping myself engaged in life.’
Leena Vadaketh, Crayola LLC
‘Focus on things that you can influence and make a difference; to not ‘spend too many calories’ on things outside of your control. Be persistent, do your best and have a hopeful mindset. Appreciate each day and all the goodness that comes with it.’
Lynn Whitman, Apprise Software Inc.
‘My mother was my idol. She worked full time in a professional role, during a time when this wasn’t common, while also raising four children. She taught me that women could have it all; they just had to want it and work for it.’


Lehigh Valley Business honors its 2017 Women of Influence for contributions to their employer, industry and community.

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