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Handicapping which Crayola color will be sacked

On Friday – National Crayon Day – Crayola will announce a color that it will retire from production. It will be one of the colors in its basic 24-pack of crayons.

The Forks Township-based company will have a lot of explaining to do to art teachers if it retires a primary color (red, green and blue).

It also appears that green and violet are safe.

And can you imagine the outcry if black or white is retired as a color? Political correctness, indeed.

And the thinking here is that gray also is safe, again because of PC and all of us baby boomers.

Of the remaining colors, here are some that could get the ax on Friday (ranked by odds):

-- Yellow green: 2-1. One word: gag.

-- Green yellow: 3-1. Unfortunately, it has the gift of drab.

-- Dandelion: 4-1. Very similar to yellow, making it expendable. Perhaps still useful as a background color.

-- Cerulean: 4-1. A pretty color, but it’s very similar to blue green. Plus, it’s difficult to pronounce and difficult to spell.

-- Apricot: 5-1. Just a weak hue with little redeeming artistic value.

-- Scarlet: 6-1. Too close in appearance to red, making it nonessential. But it has a strong name.

-- Pink carnation: 6-1. Again, a weak color, but pink is not in the basic 24-pack, so likely it won’t get the, uh, pink slip.

Conclusion: Personally, yellow green should be whacked. But the guess is that Crayola will unload cerulean.

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