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Super Bowl LI “the day after” – how offices can have fun without the fallout

Tostitos had out a special promotional bag for this year's Super Bowl, which reminded its customers to not drink and drive./contributed
Tostitos had out a special promotional bag for this year's Super Bowl, which reminded its customers to not drink and drive./contributed

Did you show up for work this morning with a bit of a hangover?

If you did, you weren’t alone and Sunday's was one for the history books.

The Super Bowl is usually the most-watched television event of the year, and it generally comes with plenty of overindulgence among the viewing audience.

That’s why bars have big specials, promotions and giveaways during the big game. (Which, incidentally, is what they have to call it in advertisements not officially connected to the game because “Super Bowl” is trademarked by the National Football League.)

It’s also why so many beer and snack brands dump a big portion of their annual advertising revenue into the pricey but highly sought-after Super Bowl ads.

This year, the ads sold for about $5 million per pop for a 30-second ad.

That’s a big investment.

This year, a snack food and condiment manufacturer put its money where its advertisements generally are.

If it’s going to encourage Super Bowl fans to overindulge in ketchup-slathered burgers or bowls of Mr. Peanut peanuts, it’s also showing that it’s OK for if its employees to do the same.

Instead of buying commercial ad time during the Super Bowl, Chicago-based Kraft Heinz is giving all salaried employees a paid day off today.

They’re calling the holiday “Smunday,” and Kraft Heinz started a petition drive to make it a national holiday.

One down note – factory workers were not included in the day off. Value that however you will, possibly also considering that the company closed its Upper Macungie Township plant last year and hundreds lost their jobs.

One thing everyone values, though, is a bit of sobriety among the fun.

To discourage drinking and driving, another snack brand, Tostitos, partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to produce bags of corn chips that change color if they detect alcohol on a person’s breath.

Now, obviously, this is a novelty and should be used as such. “Officer, my Tostito’s bag said I was fine to drive,” won’t hold up in a court of law.

Instead, let the limited-edition bags serve as a gentle and creative reminder to not drive drunk.

The bag also contains a communications chip that can help to call for an Uber driver if you tap it with your phone. The bag also comes with a $10 Uber coupon, leaving even less of an excuse to get behind the wheel after one too many.

So, was all of the Sunday fun worth today’s bloating and head throbbing?

Office Team did a survey for staffing firm Robert Half International, asking employees if they felt that Super Bowl fever was a positive or negative thing in the workplace.

Aside from a few employees who thought some co-workers took it so seriously that they became annoying, 66 percent of all employees said workplace activities to celebrate the game have a positive impact on employee happiness.

So, pop an aspirin and an antacid and enjoy all the office football banter. It’s good for morale.


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