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Whipping this holiday shipping thing

Whether shipping for business or pleasure, it’s the busiest time of the year for sending packages.

To that end, Murtaza Jaffer, co-owner of EBC Printing in Trexlertown, offers this advice:

First, take the steps to ensure your package safely arrives.

(1) Wrap your gift before you pack it in a shipping box, not the shipping box itself.

(2) Don’t squeeze your gift into a shipping box. Make sure there is some wiggle room to add cushion.

(3) Fill up any empty space with cushioning. Packing peanuts and wadded paper work well. No newspaper.

(4) Don’t reuse boxes that are bent, dented, torn, floppy or creased.

(5) Avoid masking tape or duct tape. Nylon reinforced packing tape is your best bet.

(6) Always consider insurance if you are shipping a very expensive gift.

(7) Be wary of deadlines, as they vary among carriers.

When shipping food items, take these extra precautions:

(1) Make sure all food is wrapped very securely in foil, plastic wrap or both.

(2) Ship perishable food items early in the week so they don’t sit in a facility over the weekend.

(3) Include ice packs if needed, or consider Styrofoam sheets and silica gel packets to help keep things fresh.

(4) Give recipients a heads-up as to when they can expect the package to arrive.

(5) Go with the fastest shipping option possible.

(6) If sending glass jars or containers, use extra cushioning.


The most underappreciated item in any office is the pencil. It’s functional. Sleek. Timeless. Efficent. With a visceral connection to the hand. Plus a healthy dose of nostalgia.

Trying to figure out exactly when a New Jersey judge felt he had enough chutzpah and ignorance to order the Trentonian newspaper to stop publishing articles about a child abuse case. I suppose the judge never heard of this little court case known as the Pentagon Papers, courtesy of the U.S. Supreme Court and The New York Times.

In an unrelated note, The New York Times now has more reporters on the White House beat then ever before. Just assuming here that at least a couple of them will be monitoring Donald Trump's Twitter account around the clock.

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