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The accessible CEO

Are you an accessible leader?

In my lifetime, I have had a wide variety of bosses in various industries and have corresponded with numerous clients and customers who fit into just about every demographic.

And what always rose to the top for me, and still does today, are the leaders that made themselves accessible.

A concept that might seem so simple can actually go a long way in the success of a business.

Let me ask this:

Do you answer your phone when it rings and respond to your emails, or does someone else do the screening first?

By forgoing a screening process, it could lead to more networks (AKA potential customers), and in turn, a better bottom line.

And we all know that with such an increase in technology, customers are expecting more satisfaction.

Here is a powerful excerpt from a blog I found by Fathom, a brand strategy and transformation firm based in Connecticut, and a must-read for inspiration on what an accessible leader truly means.

“Fearless vulnerability is found in people who open up to the world and are “out there,” really out there. Their openness allows for a stronger connection to others and a stronger connection to themselves. In that connection, the sky is the limit to what can emerge: new perspectives, ideas, relationships, values, ways of being and, ultimately, change.”



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