Catherine said:
I commute from my home in the northern part of Lehigh County down to my Center Valley office each weekday on Route 309. During the 3 years I have been doing so, the truck traffic along this route has increased and made it more dangerous and challenging for auto traffic. The surface of that portion of Route 309 leading to and from the Rte 22 ramps (south of Orefield) was removed in preparation for resurfacing months ago. Resurfacing has never occurred (although signs for the work remain up), and this stretch remains dangerous for motorists and their vehicles, with speed limits posted at 55 mph! I have lost faith in this region to effectively plan and implement improvements to the infrastructure. It is one thing to strive to grow this region economically; quite another to put the elements together to support it. Right now, seems to me the growth and the seeming incapability of local governments and PA agencies to get their acts together have negatively impacted the quality of life for those of us who are residents.