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Editor at Large

The delectable baker's dozen

An office mate this week brought to work a basket of candy. Included was Pez – the all-time greatest candy in the history of this or any other galaxy.

Naturally, yours truly quickly commandeered the grape Pez. There was no strawberry Pez, or that would have been scooped up, as well.

Any true Pez fan – and I am one – does not bother with dispensers. We go right to the 12-pack, rip it open and gobble down the Pez two or three at a time. I mean, why waste time with that flimsy dispenser?

It’s the same with M&Ms, inhaling two or three at time. But it’s not the approach with circus peanuts or nonpareils, which also are on my list of all-time favorites. With those, one at a time is just right.

Herewith, then, is my delicious dozen plus one: my all-time favorite inexpensive candies. (And do you think the U.S. Department of Agriculture would recognize Pez or nonpareils as a basic food group?)

(13) Snickers.

(12) Candy dots on paper.

(11) Hershey bar with almonds.

(10) Strawberry string licorice.

(9) M&Ms.

(8) Tiny Valentine’s hearts.

(7) Necco wafers.

(6) Kit-Kat.

(5) Pink wintergreen lozenges.

(4) Circus peanuts.

(3) Cream-filled soft caramels.

(2) Dark chocolate nonpareils.

(1) Pez.

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