The vacation challenge

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After going through four years of college later in life, adapting to a new career and schedule meant readjusting an exercise, eating and sleeping pattern with which I had become very accustomed.

With seven months in at my new job, I finally came up with a new routine, and after four weeks of intense exercise and eating healthy, I am finally getting back on track.

Feeling like myself again this summer, I was eager to make plans to head to the beach for a sunny and sandy family vacation.

Although it was only a short weekend jaunt to the Jersey shore to enjoy the Fourth of July festivities, I became worried at how I would be able to maintain the new eating and exercise routine that I had worked so hard to develop.

To my surprise, though, it wasn’t that difficult.

First, our motel was footsteps from the beach, so brisk morning walks with the sand and surf were a no-brainer.

Adjacent to the beach was a huge grassy park, useful for jogging, playing ball and riding bicycles. In the same area, a morning exercise class was held, complete with an instructor, energizing music and tons of encouraging participants.

To help maintain my healthy diet, I brought fresh fruit, vegetables and salad to enjoy in the morning and while relaxing on the beach.

I must say, the hardest part of the vacation was hitting the boardwalk at night, which meant being enticed by mounds of culinary temptations, including ice cream, pizza and fudge.

Fortunately, by snacking on healthy bites and building a beach and park routine of exercise and walking, I was able to reward myself here and there with a guilt-free, tasty treat.

I am proud to say that my vacation challenge was a success, and I am still on the right track.


Jennifer Glose

Jennifer Glose

Reporter Jennifer Glose covers health care, Berks County and other topics. She can be reached at or 610-807-9619, ext. 111. Follow her on Twitter @jenniferg_LVB.


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