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The power in a handshake

As a young teenager in high school nearly 30 years ago, I was chosen to take the Dale Carnegie course for human relations and public speaking – a program based on Carnegie’s self-help book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

Of the many things I learned in this world-renowned organizational communication class, there is one tool that has stayed with me all these years.

And that is, how to have a great handshake.

It is this very handshake that has helped me in many job interviews and in numerous networking situations with powerful leaders and business people.

I must say, it is very empowering when a businessman allows me to shake his hand as firmly and confidently as another businessman would.

And if there is any advice I can give to the businessmen of the world, it would be to never grasp a woman’s hand gently when meeting her for the first time – in a business-setting or job interview, that is.

In my opinion, a good handshake is really an art form.

Step one:

• Eye contact, before you extend your hand.

Step two:

• Verbally introduce yourself, before you extend your hand.

Step three:

• Use a firm grip and be brief.

• Shake from your elbow, not your shoulder.

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