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Documents on file in Berks County government offices listed these recent real estate transactions. Information listed for each transaction lists the municipality, the seller, the buyer, address, parcel, and sale price. Unless otherwise noted, the property has a commercial use.


Ajay and Smita Shah bought 251 Kline Road from Goldman Sachs Mortgage Co. for $80,501. Parcel 30-4422-00-1406647.


Fox East LLP bought 4350 Perkiomen Ave. from Muhlenberg Theater Group for $400,000. Parcel 43-5326-18-41-5009. Parcel 43-5326-18-41-5009.


Owen L. McLaughlin bought 102 S. Richmond St. from John E. Burns for $111,453. Parcel 44-5431-15-73-1117.


Reading and Northern Real Estate Co. bought 650 Chestnut St. from Behler-Hein Post-American Legion Home Association for $50,000. Parcel 46-4495-13-12-9799.


Berks Construction Co. Inc. bought 79 Legacy Blvd. from Legacy Papermill Associates LP for $52,000. Parcel 49-4388-04-80-4380.


L2I Properties No. 1 LLC bought 1620 and 1608 New Holland Road from Joseph Borelli for $100,000. Parcel 54-5305-06-29-8073.


F&M Holding Group LP bought 56 Noble St. from Kutztown Heritage Properties for $1,194,000. Parcel 55-5443-12087-7181.


Steve L. and Sandra L. Spotts bought 236 N. Center Ave. from Claude H. and Marie E. Ohlinger for $250,000. Parcel 92-4491-18-42-8274.


Southern Berks Land Co. LP bought property on Oak Grove Road from Julian V. Miraglia for $47,800. Parcel 56-5321-02-69-5876.


Amanda B. Weaver bought 4045 Conrad Weiser Parkway from Mary and Gerald G. Kramer Sr. for $350,000. Parcel 62-4328-01-45-1372.

Travis H. Oberholtzer bought 75 Main St. from Mark L. and Margaret Schwear for $180,000. Parcel 62-4328-01-35-2017.


Tuan Hoang bought 1000 and 1100 Tomahawk Drive from RGC Development LP for $178,935. Parcels 63-5454-00-96-6481 and 63-5454-00-96-6703.


Day Star Natural LLC bought 2615 Perkiomen Ave. from Janus Properties LLC for $215,000. Parcel 64-5326-05-07-2728.


Jeremy S. Hunter bought 342 S. Sixth St. from Manuel E. Avila for $573. Parcel 01-5306-35-88-3028.

AAG Property Management LLC bought 312 N. Ninth St. from Robert Carvajal for $25,000. Parcel 09-5307-76-92-9035.

Jeremy S. Hunter bought 232 Locust St. from Congregation Halacha Beruca for $573. Parcel 09-5317-70-11-3627.

Robert M. Hetrick II bought 345 Douglass St. from Cedric and Linda Elmer for $125,000. Parcel 14-5307-58-74-2732.

Paul Dabkowski and Danuta Smiechowski bought 1201 Windsor St. from Ronald L. Garl for $105,000. Parcel 13-5317-46-15-6295.

Bank of America NA bought 303 N. Front St. from Orian C. Johnson for $1,800. Parcel 06-5307-73-51-7968.

Pomal Arakken and Rookwatie Singh bought 1142 N. Front St. from Martin J. Koch for $150,000. Parcel 15-5307-41-56-5688.

Oldtown LLC bought 434 N. 11th St. from Lewis and Sharon Laxton for $35,000. Parcel 14-5307-51-85-3623.

Paul Dabkowski and Danuta Smiechowski bought 700 N. Third St. from Theresa A. Mone for $265,000. Parcel 14-5307-58-64-6189.

Bayview Loan Servicing bought 34 N. Sixth St. from Teofile Nunez and Patria Reinoso for $2,300. Parcel 07-5307-83-80-2697.

BNK 1330 LLC bought 700 Lancaster Ave. and 11 Angelica St. from PA Real Property Holding LP for $230,000. Parcels 18-5306-65-53-2429 and 18-5306-65-53-3558.

Milligan Group LLC bought 1057 N. Ninth St. from William W. Reinhart for $1,659. Parcel 13-5317-45-06-1200.

O Neill and O Neill Realty Inc. bought property on West Spring St. from Reading Properties LP for $362,078. Parcel 15-5307-48-45-6977.

631 N. Fifth LLC bought 631 N. Fifth St. from Harry S. and Norma Symington for $140,000. Parcel 14-5307-59-74-9064.

Joan Shawn Coover bought 315 Rose St. from Keith Ulett for $39,900. Parcel 06-5307-57-64-1931.

Joanne P. Kelly bought 1500 N. 13th St from Craig P. Wagner for $205,027. Parcel 17-5317-30-28-1407.


Dale M. and Loren L. Eisenhofer bought 4 W. Lancaster Ave. from Brian T. and Anne M. Hutcheson for $58,000. Parcel 77-4395-07-68-7286.

Wiotas LLC bought 122 W. Lancaster Ave. from S and S Singh Properties for $710,000. Parcel 77-4395-07-68-510.


Documents on file in Lehigh County government offices listed these recent real estate transactions. Information listed for each transaction lists the municipality, seller, buyer, address, parcel, date of sale and sale price. Unless otherwise noted, the property has a commercial use.


City Center Investment Corp. bought 528 W. Hamilton St. and 526 W. Hamilton St. from Lehigh Landholdings Inc. for $330,000. Parcels 640710863071 and 640710865038.

144 Seventh LLC bought 142-144 N. Seventh St. from Luis and Norma Vasquez for $525,000. Parcel 640701630090.

Miguel Ortiz bought 511 N. Seventh St. from Richard Field for $135,000. Parcel 640703101724.

Outten Realty Management Co. II LLC bought 727-751 N. 18th St. from Haldeman Realty Investors LP for $200,000. Parcel 549731399064.

JYOTSNA LLC bought 1234-1236 Lehigh St. from DP Lehigh LLC for $445,000. Parcel 549693899138.

Vantan LLC bought 727-737 and 739-749 Union Blvd. from Ulrich Both for $1.45 million. Parcels 64077885777 and 640778867792.


529 West Broad St. bought 529 W. Broad St. from Robert Young for $754,900. Parcel 642738322572.


’Super B’s LLC bought 17-19 S. Fourth St. from Alan B. Brown for $150,000. Parcel 549465341977.

Michael A. Wilson bought 23 First St. from Terry and Donna M. Black for $205,000. Parcel 549477664791. Industrial.


Lysnick Properties LLC bought 4442 Pennsylvania Route 309 from Lynn E. Lutes for $265,000. Parcel 54692700687.


Saucon Creek Partners LP bought 2615 Saucon Valley Road from LUP23 LLC for $492,500. Parcel 642515500995.


Documents on file in Northampton County government offices listed these recent real estate transactions. Information listed for each transaction lists the municipality, seller, buyer, address, parcel, date of sale and sale price. Unless otherwise noted, the property has a commercial use.


Carolyn and John Oesmann bought 114 E. Broad St. from Margaret Holland for $325,000. Parcel P6NE1C-14-4.

Morning Star Partners LLC bought 511 N. New St. from Daniel S. Schadt for $550,000. Parcel P6NE1D-14-7.

Renaissance Realty of Bethlehem LLC bought 446-450 Main St. from Samuel A. Guttman for $440,000. Parcel P6NE1D-17-6.

Libaux LTD bought 1165-1167 E. Third St. from the Federal National Mortgage Association for $52,000. Parcel P6NE3C-5-6.

East Allen Ventures LLC bought 119-123 E. 23rd St. from Kevin A. Martin for $245,000. Parcel P6SE1A-6-4. Industrial.

Robert and Joanne Schubach bought 425 Wyandotte St. from Renee Southard for $146,900. Parcel P6SW2B-12-20.

41-21 28th Street Realty Corp. bought 520 Wyandotte St. from Edessa Realty LLC for $2,105,263. Parcel P6SW2C-20-1.

Triple Net Investments XXXIV LP bought 125 Emery St. from Lehigh Valley Industrial Park Inc. for $851,224. Parcel P7-6-6-21. Industrial.


M5 Partners LLC bought 121 S. Eighth St. from Wayne Lacey for $101,700. Parcel L9SE3C-1-7. Industrial.

Anthony F. Maragulia bought 126 S. Third St. and 122 S. Third St. from John J. Maragulia et al. for $374,880. Parcels L9SE2B-13-3 and L9SE2B-13-4.

Spartan Holdings LLC bought 101-103 Northampton St. from Iron Bride Easton LP for $567,500. Parcel L9SE2B-3-4A.

Scott Quality Products Inc. bought 8 Center Square from Daniel E. Cohn for $355,000. Parcel L9SE2B-5-3.


DLP Fund Acquisition 1 LLC bought property on Garibaldi Avenue from Chapter 7 Estate of Blue Mountain for $100,000. Parcel D9SE1C-11-1.


TLO Properties LLC bought 66 E. Lawn Ave. from Paul Mack for $335,000. Parcel J8SW1-4-6.


One Day Baths Inc. bought property on Lower South Main Street from Apex Mortgage Corp. for $68,000. Parcel E9-27-51. Industrial.


Fadi Karam bought 2135 Northampton St. and 2131-2133 Northampton St. from Mark Enea for $310,000. Parcels L9SW1C-1-10 and L9SW1C-1-9.

Preena and Karina Realty LLC bought 2430-2432 Butler St., 2420 Butler St., 2416 Butler St. and 2414 Butler St. from Philip and Denise Weitz for $582,648. Parcels L9SW4C-1-3A, L9SW4C-1-3A, L9SW1C-1-5 and L9SW4C-1-6.


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