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7.6 million hoagies a day

About three decades ago, I was introduced to my first Subway restaurant in upstate New York, likely in Binghamton.

I was visiting a brother who then lived in the area, and he had told me about this hoagie shop of which I knew nothing about.

We went. We bought. We ate.

I do not recall the tastiness or freshness of the hoagie. But one thing is for certain: Never did I imagine that the Subway franchise would grow to what it has become today.

How big?

Subway serves about 7.6 million subs a day and has more franchises worldwide than McDonald’s.

Here are other tidbits about the franchise, courtesy of Business Insider:

-- There are more than 38 million Subway sandwich combinations.

-- Subway uses enough cheese in a year to fill 600,000 professional ice hockey rinks.

-- It uses more tuna, tomatoes and frozen cookie dough than any other company in the food industry.

-- Subway, which has 41,766 locations, plans to have 50,000 restaurants by 2018. To do so, it will need to open an average of more than six restaurants every day.

That is a lot of numbers. And it likely translates into a lot of strong management.

For the story, click here.


I was 0-for-4 this week when I took an evening walk in the small town where I live.

Four times, I tried to engage people with a hello or similar greeting.

Every time, I was ignored. Not a peep out of the other person.

This is no sociological tome – I had my fill of that with two courses in college. And I’m not going to connect this to any studies about how socially isolated Americans are becoming because we keep our heads buried in and fingers stuck to the laptop, tablet or smartphone.

But I find it disappointing.

End of sermon.

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