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Don't worry, be happy

- Last modified: April 23, 2014 at 2:40 PM

Some of us remember the Bobby McFerrin song released in 1988 called “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

That is easier said than done on the job, however, as 40 percent of workers say their job is very or extremely stressful, according to an infographic on happify.com. (Happify is a website that offers games and exercises for your brain and to, well, make you happy.)

That workers are stressed on the job is not new. They site workload, people issues and juggling work and their personal life as the primary triggers for stress, according to the infographic.)

Happify, though, takes the concept a step further and offers several tips to relieve stress on the job:

-- Take a walk at a nearby park.

-- Call a friend or vent to a co-worker.

-- Buy a potted plant and place it on or near your desk or work station.

The website’s infographic also offers ways to reduce stress on- and off-the-job. The advice includes:

-- Develop stronger social relationships.

-- Get a massage.

-- Exercise.

-- Take the time to savor the good stuff in your life.

-- Smile – just the act itself “reduces the intensity of your body’s response to stress,” according to the infographic.

-- Laugh, be happy, spend time with funny people.

Taking care of yourself seems to be the quintessential ingredient to being happy on the job.

This does not mean expensive two-hour lunches or ducking out early all of the time to beat the traffic.

Rather, it means the little things, such as taking a walk, briefly socializing and, of course, smiling and laughing.

Find someone happy and you might be happy, too.


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