Tammi said:
Great now the PSEA can invade our homes. Most people choosing CYBER School Education do so to escape the POLITICS and bullying behavior that exists in the public school districts. I was a student in the 80's who saw how teachers' bullied and mistreated a co-worker that chose not to join the union and would not strike. At the age of 17, I recognized their pitiful MOB Mentality and all respect was lost. I was disgusted by them then and thought they were bullies and my opinion has never changed b/c Union behavior is abhorrent. I can't believe that Teachers, role models for our Youth want to be associated with type of lying cheating and bullying tactics that Union Organizers and Labor Bosses participate in. The best thing that teachers could do for education is get rid of the PSEA and its POLITICS. WE could spend more money on our children if UNION BOSSES and BIG WIGS weren't lining their pockets with your payroll deducted PAC contributions. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU who voted yes. TAXPAYER, thinking it is time to leave PA