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Passwords gone wild – and a possible remedy

By - Last modified: February 19, 2014 at 9:14 AM

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Users and investors are keen on Google, which rakes in more than $1 million in revenue every 10 minutes.

That fondness will turn into everlasting love if the California search-engine giant eliminates the need for passwords.

According to Business Insider, Google recently bought SlickLogin – an Israeli startup that says it has the technology to eliminate passwords to access programs and websites. Your smartphone listens to a website that gives an audio signal that triggers access on your computer. There is no need to punch in a password; just hold the hold phone near the computer.

It would be nirvana if passwords were eliminated for laptops, tablets and personal computers. Most adults, it seems, have more passwords than Pennsylvania roads have potholes.

I have about 30 passwords – about half for work and work-related concerns and the others for personal use. It's impossible to remember them without a cheat sheet.

Not sure if ending the password overload will result in a major revenue stream for Google, but it will make life easier for all of us.

Now, what is that password required to post this blog?

For the story on SlickLogin, click here.

Bill Kline

Bill Kline

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