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A wealth like no other

- Last modified: February 10, 2014 at 12:36 PM

As word has it, this year's 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are the biggest and most expensive Olympic Games to date, costing a record-breaking $50 billion.

The real wealth in the Olympics, however, isn't dollars.

The true prosperity of the Olympics comes intangibly, as the vast culture and ethnicity of the games take on a world and a spirit of their own.

I vividly remember watching the Olympics when I was a child, and each one stands out differently. One thing that always rises above, though, is the overwhelming unity and solidarity that each culture and sport contributes to the games.

Today, I still get the chills when I watch, in the same awe-inspiring way that I did back then.

But, now I watch the games with my children, which makes it even more rewarding to hear the many questions they ask and to see the amazing interest they show.

My son is newly a teenager, an age where he thinks he knows more than he actually does, so the Olympics are a great way to reinforce his knowledge.

My daughter is a pre-teen and all about girl power, but is equally inspired and inquisitive about the many different cultures of the world, so she is in complete glory.

An amazing 88 countries are participating in the Sochi Games this year with 15 sports and 98 events, some of which are giving women even more chances to compete, including women's ski jumping.

And even though technology is able to enhance the experience and excitement of the Olympics each time, what I love is that the real meaning and goal of the games remain constant.

Even with savvier opening and closing ceremonies every four years, more out-of-the box advertisements and flashier promotions, the competitors are still there for one common purpose – a gold medal.

Along with the hopes of a gold medal, the Olympians bask in the abundance of camaraderie with newly formed friendships, connections to newly introduced cultures and a deep appreciation for all sports.

And as my children and I cheer for each Olympian, even those from nations other than ours, we find an amazing connection to the various cultures and sports, as well.

So, even if certain Olympians don't win a gold medal, they still leave the games much wealthier than when they came.

And so do we.


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