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Linda Anderson
Linda Anderson

Linda Anderson is the co-founder and managing partner of The Anderson Group in Sinking Spring, a strategic brand marketing and communications firm that delivers new ways to grow your business. For information, visit www.theandersongrp.com.

What’s your take on the local economy?

We’re energized by the continuing growth of our clients and our community. After years of conservative investment, we’re seeing much more activity around product development, brand refinement, geographic expansion and corporate philanthropy. Businesses of all sizes feel more confident to invest in themselves and their customers.

What issues are you most concerned about?

As momentum builds, it’s easy to slip back into old thinking and old habits that can undermine growth. For instance, not balancing investments in external marketing with investments in the company’s culture, internal communications and people. It’s one thing to gain new customers and another to deliver a consistently good customer experience.

How did you build a connection to the community?

Through volunteering, serving on boards, networking and pro bono work. It’s fascinating to learn how communities work at the foundational level — through its social services, energy policies, environmental programs and economic development efforts. Working with experts in these fields is a genuine privilege.

What advice would you give someone who runs a small business?

Starting a business and sustaining a business require different skills and resources. During that journey, it’s important to be open to new possibilities and partnerships — never letting your “good” be the enemy of your “better.”


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