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Youth would flock to a Facebook alternative

- Last modified: January 24, 2014 at 3:06 PM

At the crossroads of narcissism and voyeurism you will find Facebook.

It is a brilliant communications and connectivity model – and don't we all wish that we would have created the social media monster.

This week, however, Time magazine wrote that Facebook was about to lose 80 percent of its users – based on a study by Princeton University researchers. (For the story, click here.)

(For the Princeton study, click here. Warning: the math involved could be hazardous to your Friday night and weekend brain functions.)

Meanwhile, another Time writer took exception to the Princeton study and declared that Facebook was not about to lose a massive amount of audience. This writer said that at worst, there could be a slight dip in Facebook users. (For that story, click here.)

Personally, I'm into Twitter at least as much as Facebook. And I think there is potential for Facebook to lose audience.

For example, I don't believe any teenager or young adult would want his or her parents as Facebook friends. That falls under the category of too much information – on both parties.

So, since parents have become big-time users of Facebook, wouldn't their teenage and young adult children want to flock to another site so that they do not have to see mom and dad online as well as in person?

I think so. I'm just waiting for an alternative to reach critical mass and take off as the online place for our youth to be. Probably just a matter of time before it happens.

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