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Victaulic Winner  //  Business of the Year  //  101+ Employees



When its traditional pipeline for business began drying up, Victaulic plunged into new markets and industries. The bold move has delivered growth for the company, which manufactures innovative mechanical couplings and pipe joining systems at factories around the world.

The company had focused on the commercial construction market, which tailed off after 2008. Other opportunities were on tap, however, and Victaulic opened the spigots.

The company began serving other industries and entering new regions. In the last two years alone, Victaulic has opened facilities in Australia, Brazil, Canada and Mexico, while expanding operations in the Lehigh Valley, Belgium and Poland. The engineers who founded the company earned their first patent in 1919 and launched a business six years later. Victaulic now counts more than 900 patents in its portfolio and continues to generate new ideas.

A key source of innovation is the company’s highly skilled workforce. Hundreds of company employees attend advanced skills and leadership classes. And, if they pursue job-related fields of study likely to enhance their professional careers at Victaulic, they are eligible for tuition reimbursement.

The investments by the company instill pride in employees, a sentiment they expressed in a recent survey of corporate culture. While their pride is surely based on the company’s strong track record of growth and innovation, the feeling also is based on the company’s generosity.

Victaulic supports more than 30 charitable organizations and donates millions of dollars per year. Recipients include Children’s Home of Easton, DeSales u niversity, and the Two Rivers Health and Wellness Foundation.


John Malloy
Chairman, President and CEO

Business of the Year, 101+ Employees