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Solar Innovations, Inc. Finalist  //  Business of the Year  //  101+ Employees



Founded in 1998, Solar Innovations makes custom commercial and residential glazed products, including doors, windows, skylights, sun rooms, conservatories and greenhouses. The company installs about 10 percent of the products it sells, and has recently branched into the alternative energy market. It has a patent pending on a roof clamp for use in mounting solar panels.

Qualities Sought in Employees:
Flexibility, initiative, personal drive, a positive attitude, pride in their work, and an ability to engage actively in the learning process and work in a team environment.

Memorable Compliment:
When an Ivy League university returned for its fifth greenhouse from the company.

Develop new products, shorten lead times for customers, increase efficiency, adopt more environmentally friendly manufacturing practices, serving as a role model in its industry

Solar Innovations, Inc.

Greg Header
President and CEO
Pine Grove

Business of the Year, 101+ Employees