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Founded in 2010, Recognition PRO aids organizations in managing and enhancing activities related to employee recognition and motivation. Based on the work of Bob Nelson, an author and motivational speaker, the company's software trains managers, keeps track of employee recognition activities and improves related processes. Recognition PRO is the trade name for Walton Motivation Inc.

Biggest Challenges:
Shepherding financial resources, managing a long sales cycle, and connecting with key decision makers.

Key Contributors to Success:
Perseverance, improved e-marketing techniques, and modifying the go-to-market strategy as the company gains new insights and shifts its messaging to better connect with the needs of its audience.

Role Models:
Professor Hand, a college professor who taught entrepreneurial studies, and Keith Wolfe, founder of Software Associates.

Recognition PRO

David Olson
President and CEO

Business of the Year, Emerging Business of the Year