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Business of the Year Awards > 2013 > CSI Material Handling, Inc.
Business of the Year Awards

CSI Material Handling, Inc. Finalist  //  Business of the Year  //  Executive of the Year



Greatest Challenge:
“I have worked over the years to start up new companies and purchase existing companies. The most difficult thing I have faced is changing an entrenched culture to our/my culture. It requires constant effort by the leader to achieve success.”

Biggest Motivator:
“Positive feedback of any type motivates me. I am competitive. I do not like to lose. You do not need to be negative or threatening to me. It turns me off.”

Role Model:
“My mentor at General Motors. He believed I was going to be successful, got to really know me, and gave me opportunities, assignments and feedback, so that I learned and grew as a person.”

Advice for the Lehigh Valley:
“We as business leaders must support the improvement of our educational system so that more young adults graduate, earn a degree, and learn a trade or skill, so that there will continue to be a population of skilled workers for us to draw from locally.”

CSI Material Handling, Inc.

Michael Elliott

Business of the Year, Executive of the Year