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First Job:
"When I was 12, my mom allowed me to go door to door and offer mowing services with a push mower."

Greatest Challenge:
"At the age of 23, I and a partner started a business on a shoe string ... Over the next six years, with perseverance, lots of cold calls, going door to door and sweat equity, the business grew and we established a reputation as the go-to place for European mobile and hi-fi audio electronics ... I eventually had to sell my stake in the business and move on. The challenge was learning to accept and embrace what comes next."

Role Model:
"My mom. Since I was very young, I have realized that my mom is someone who marches to the beat of her own drum ... I learned very early the value of doing what is right, not just easy, from mom. Independent and strong, yet always caring and supportive of my dreams—that was my mom. My work ethic and ability to take risks undoubtedly come from her.

Ironton Telephone Company

David George
General Manager

Business of the Year, Executive of the Year