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DME Alliance Engineering Consultants Winner  //  Business of the Year  //  1-50 Employees



In 2009, a triple whammy landed on the clients of DME Alliance Engineering Consultants.

The firm had been serving primarily pharmaceutical companies. But they pulled back on spending due to the weak economy, the uncertainty of health care reform and a flurry of mergers and acquisitions.

DME responded by looking to see where else its expertise might be needed. The company designs complex manufacturing facilities that are customized to the needs of each client.

Luckily, several other industries fit the bill. They included the food, beverage, chemical, semiconductor and industrial biotechnology sectors, as well as the consumer products and personal care industries.

By tapping into those new sectors, DME diversified its client base and accelerated revenue growth. Most importantly, the company retained valuable employees, who are at the foundation of the firm's success.

Early on, DME's founders prioritized the hiring of talented employees with great potential, figuring that having the right people would soothe any corporate growing pains. Today, DME relies on its employees to work closely with clients and deliver the cutting-edge solutions they need.

Clients typically call when they are undertaking technically complex facility expansions or renovations, or when they are interested in improving the reliability or efficiency of existing operations.

Technology is another factor in the firm's favor. DME routinely invests in the most effective tools for computerized design and engineering. A recent addition is BIM, or Building Information Modeling, which develops 3-D models of projects with a goal of wringing out inefficiencies in design and construction.

Clients are generally satisfied with the results—and happy to share their positive experiences. DME's success is fueled by repeat customers and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Year Founded: 2001

No. of Employees: 17

Products/Services: Engineering and design services for advanced technology companies.

Mission/Value Statement: "Our mission is to serve advanced technology process industries by consistently delivering services that foster long-term relationships and allow our customers to enjoy the benefits of engineering expertise, managed project delivery and reduced costs. DME Alliance endeavors to maintain excellence in business practices while adhering to high ethical standards and contributing to the communities where we work and live."

DME Alliance Engineering Consultants

David Marks

Business of the Year, 1-50 Employees