New mobile website uses GPS to find Pennsylvania wine

By - Last modified: October 21, 2013 at 9:32 AM

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The Pennsylvania Winery Association has released a mobile website that uses GPS positioning to recommend nearby wineries to travelers looking to try a new vintage.

The mobile site for smartphones and tablets ( is the first piece of a new multiyear marketing initiative.

It includes tools that allow users to plot their trip through the countryside based on events and what wineries or wine festivals are nearby.

"Let's say you're driving through Breinigsville," said Jennifer Eckinger, executive director of the association. "It would identify the closest wineries [such as Clover Hill and Vynecrest], how to get there and what's going on."

The mobile website will be promoted in marketing at wineries, tasting rooms, festivals and other information centers over the next few months, she said.

Eckinger noted that wineries are one of Pennsylvania's fastest growing industries and that winemakers annually bring more than $50 million into the state.

"With nearly 200 wineries and 12 unique wine trails across six distinct regions, you're always less than 45 minutes from a winery," Eckinger said. "The new campaign and this mobile site, in particular, are designed to make it easy for people to explore – they can try one wine or winery, then another and another and another – maybe over a weekend or a month or a year."

Stacy Wescoe

Stacy Wescoe

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