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Think big, have confidence and learn from mistakes

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Whether you think you can or you think you can’t — you’re right.

— Henry Ford

Turbo Life Fact: People who “get things done” and think big get paid more.

Two things happen when I meet someone who says “It can’t be done.”

First: I wonder to myself how they got to the point where they think so small and negatively. Is there a secret school that teaches most of the public to think so negative?

Second: I think, “I can do it.” At the very least, I will think like I can do it.

Once we decide something can’t be done, our mind stops processing ways to get it done. If we keep the possibility open, our brains are amazing organs that will keep working on creative solutions, even if it is subconsciously.

I have the power to change the environment around me to one of winning and growth, and so can you.

Think: “It can be done. I can do things others think they can’t do.” I operate at a higher level and therefore will succeed a hundred times more over the people who went to that secret school of negativity.

The awesome thing is that when you start thinking big, other people start thinking big, too, and the ideas and possibilities are endless. This is especially true when people who can offer you opportunities and promotions see it.

People of power are always looking for winners. They know how rare they are. They know that finding one is gold. I see it all the time. I am constantly looking for winners to join my team.

The fact is that all you have read so far is true. There is the general public, and then there are the few winners that operate at a higher level.

You will be noticed almost immediately when you make the change!

When you walk into a room, you can either raise the energy level to meet yours, or you can drop your energy to match the level of the room. Turbo-charged people control the energy in the room, and it is no wonder they are leaders, either naturally or trained.

Thinking this big takes [courage] because you need to be willing to lose. It is an important part of life and one of the best ways to learn.

Quarterbacks that win Super Bowls lose games, throw interceptions and miss their target from time to time. The difference is they don’t give up or blame others for their mistakes; they learn from them.

Don’t see losing as an end, but as a way to get better.

If you ask most beautiful women why they think men shy away from asking them out, they will tell you it is a lack of confidence and the fear of rejection. If a man thinks a woman is beautiful and too good for him, the fear of rejection stops him dead in his tracks, and he never even bothers to ask.

The funny thing is, you will attract what is important to you. Confident women are attracted to confident men.

Not only that, but the woman may be looking for more than just a Bradley Cooper exterior. You miss an opportunity because you don’t see yourself as worthy.

Well, if you can’t see it, how can anyone else? Ladies, this applies to you, also!

If you think this has nothing to do with success and thinking big, just watch the movie “Moneyball.”

There is a scene in that movie (based on a true story) where the coaches and scouts are trying to find players for the Oakland A’s, which is a Major League Baseball team … . In this scene, one of the coaches makes the statement, “His girlfriend is ugly.”

Asked by another coach what that has to do with anything, he tells him that if he has an ugly girlfriend, he lacks confidence; and it cost that potential pro baseball player a chance at the big leagues.

Crazy, right?

Brutal truth?


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