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They get things done on time, on budget

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Engineers in the Greater Lehigh Valley design and build on time, on budget and to client specifications.

It’s not easy to do, yet the engineers on our inaugural Top 100 list have been doing exactly that for decades – and for hundreds, if not thousands, of clients.

One example is Entech Engineering Inc. of Reading, which says its success is directly related to its clients’ satisfaction.

Hanover Engineering Associates Inc. of Bethlehem, meanwhile, has never strayed from its core mission of providing quality engineering services at a fair price.

Engineers: They make things happen.




How did your company become a leader in the industry?

Our purpose has always been to help our clients make more informed decisions to meet their goals. Over 30 years ago when our company was created, we had a simple mission: to help our clients make those decisions specifically to reduce their energy costs.

Over the years, as we have expanded and diversified into a full-service engineering and architectural firm, we have broadened the clients we serve, which also broadens the goals they have. Our people have passionately continued to help clients effectively meet those goals, whether it be in constructing, maintaining and/or operating their facilities and infrastructure. It is this continued commitment to our purpose that brings us continued success.

What is your company’s biggest challenge and how do you attack it?

Like most companies today, a constant challenge for us is to keep ourselves right on the cutting edge of technology, because it evolves so rapidly. Technology touches our company at every level, internally and externally, which ultimately affects how well we can serve our clients.

We attack this challenge in a variety of ways, but mainly, we remain open to new ideas and change. Our people are very adept at looking out into the horizon and seeing potential opportunities – and bringing those ideas back to our leaders for discussion and possible implementation.

Why does your company call Berks County home?

Berks County affords us many advantages as a corporate headquarters location. Along with its picturesque landscapes and pristine environment, there is a deep pool of talented professionals and potential customers whom we can service within a close proximity. I cannot fathom a reason we would ever think of leaving Berks County.

What do you look for in hiring employees? And what is your training strategy/approach?

We look for “good” people. We of course are looking for talented individuals with the necessary experience, but we also look for individuals who are well-rounded, people of integrity – someone you like to be around.

We also look for leaders, because leaders bring an internal energy to the company and our clients.

How do you define success for your company?

Success for us is easy to measure – our success is directly related to our clients’ satisfaction. We are fortunate to have an exceptional client satisfaction and retention rate. We know good work is not enough; you have to be great in order to compete.

I am most satisfied when our clients look back at a project and recognize they made the right decisions that led them to a positive outcome, because of the efforts of our employees.




How did your company become a leader in the industry?

Hanover Engineering has become a leader in the engineering and environmental fields by providing quality professional service in a timely and efficient manner.

At Hanover Engineering, we have a fully integrated in-house support staff consisting of professional engineers, surveyors and geologists, planners, environmental scientists and specialists, traffic designers, GIS [Geographic Information System] and GPS specialists and construction inspectors.

The size of our staff and the range of our expertise allow Hanover Engineering to complete projects and service efficiently for many different types of projects.

What is your company’s biggest challenge and how do you attack it?

One of the biggest challenges we face at Hanover Engineering is staying competitive with the growing number of engineering firms across the Lehigh Valley. As a result of the great growth history the Lehigh Valley has experienced in the recent past, a number of engineering companies from other states have targeted the Lehigh Valley as a potential growth area.

This competitiveness, though a challenge, has ensured that we stay focused on providing our clients with the best engineering service at reasonable costs.

Our individual clients, whether a municipality, borough or authority or a private developer, deserve the best we can offer. Knowing that, there are many other engineering firms who would gladly take on new clients, if available, providing a constant reminder of the quality service we must provide.

Why does your company call the Lehigh Valley home?

Hanover Engineering was started in the Lehigh Valley over 40 years ago, and though the corporate office has changed addresses over this time and we have expanded our company with offices throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio, we continue to call the Lehigh Valley our home.

With the good regional economy, the local colleges providing quality educations and the steadily growing population, these have allowed Hanover Engineering to attract, hire and maintain qualified employees, which are essential to keeping a company like Hanover Engineering successful.

What do you look for in hiring employees? And what is your training strategy/approach?

When hiring employees to work at Hanover Engineering, we look for a person with a strong work ethic who shows the ability to not only work with a team, but who is also willing to step up and take on additional individual duties and responsibilities.

At Hanover Engineering, we try to challenge our employees by getting them involved with new tasks and duties, with the end result of not only providing a better service to our client, but also resulting in the advancement and experience for the employee.

How do you define success for your


The success of Hanover Engineering can be defined in a few ways. Hanover Engineering had opened its doors in the Lehigh Valley over 40 years ago, and through slow, deliberate growth has grown to a nine-office, 140-employee company. Hanover continues to stay with its core belief of providing quality engineering services at a fair price.

This direction, along with a staff of quality employees, has allowed us to maintain a substantial client base providing engineering services for many of these clients for over 20 years, and for several clients since we have opened our doors.

We all know a good client base is not the only measurement of success. Since the startup of Hanover Engineering, we have built a company with exceptional employees, to which we have been able to provide competitive wages. This, in return, allows them to live and prosper within the Greater Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas of our satellite offices.

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