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They're certainly no slouches

- Last modified: March 21, 2013 at 3:28 PM

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Nearly every time I turn around, or pass a construction site, I see those familiar red trucks and the workers in lime green vests doing site work.

I'm talking, of course, about Schlouch Inc., a company based in Blandon, which has landed a lot of work over the years doing site design and construction for a variety of projects.

The company recently said it will be creating 14 new jobs to meet an expanding workload generated by several sizeable new contracts. The news came shortly after the firm celebrated its 30th year in business on March 3.

"Our bidding demand has increased significantly as owners, developers and general contractors begin to bring pending jobs to life," said Barry Schlouch, president and co-founder of Schlouch Inc. "Commercial, industrial, retail and energy construction throughout central and eastern PA accounts for the majority of new business we have added. New residential starts are beginning to come to life as well."

Schlouch said that the 14 new jobs cover a broad range of site construction skills including concrete and pipe forepersons, concrete finishers, pipe-layers, truck drivers, equipment operators and laborers.

Barry and his wife Deb founded Schlouch Incorporated in their Berks County home on March 3, 1983. For its first project, the company did site work for the Wendy's restaurant on Penn Avenue in West Reading and now employs more than 200 people.

Sounds like they're off to a good start. Does this mean a rumbling resurgence in construction activity for others in 2013?

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Brian Pedersen

Brian Pedersen

Reporter Brian Pedersen covers construction, development, warehousing and real estate and keeps you up to date on the changing landscape of our community. He can be reached at or 610-807-9619, ext. 108. Follow him on Twitter @BrianLehigh.


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